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Revolutionizing Pension Planning with AI

How we developed

Hong Kong's first AI-driven ​pension advice tool

User Research, Competitive Analysis, Workshop Facilitation, ​UI/UX Design, Developer Collaboration


Hong Kong MPF is a compulsory pension scheme for ​retirement protection. However, users struggle with ​navigating and optimizing their MPF investments due ​to a lack of personalized guidance, complex financial ​jargon, and frustration with existing tools.

Partnering with Manulife, the top MPF provider in ​Hong Kong, we developed an AI-driven tool to ​simplify the pension planning process and offer ​personalized advice, addressing users' pain points.

AI-Powered Business Marketing

Syfe is a digital investment platform with a mission to empower people to build their wealth for a better future.


Designing an AI pension tool for two ​collaborating corporates involves ​significant challenges. Ensuring rigorous ​compliance with financial and regulatory ​requirements, balancing innovation with ​user trust and ensuring the tool is user-​friendly while handling sophisticated ​pension calculations adds further ​complexity. These challenges demand ​meticulous planning and a deep ​understanding of both AI and financial ​services.


The pilot journey has promoted to ​100,000 customers via 100 ​employers/corporates and multiple ​events.

Tier 1 media joint PR and coverages with ​Manulife will help Syfe HK establish more ​trustworthy brand, while the access to ​Manulife quality customers brought ​massive distribution opportunities

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UX Designer

  • Conduct user and market ​research
  • Led the app & web design
  • Stakeholders aligments


6 months

01. Understanding the problems

  1. We conducted workshops with 2 focused groups of 20+ individuals to analyze and understand their financial behavior.
  2. Collating insights from the partner's (Manulife) member surveys.
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have difficulty in managing their MPF investments


lack sufficient knowledge in portfolio management

02. Ideation and concept development

Methodologies & Challenges



Journey Mapping

Mapped out the user journey to identify touchpoints and opportunities for improvement.

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Given our partnership with another platform, it ​is imperative to harmonize the user experience ​seamlessly between the 2 platforms.


Facilitated brainstorming sessions with stakeholders, including advisories, marketing, compliance , and developers.

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Compliance, partner requirements, and development constraints must all be integrated into the design.

02. Ideation and concept development


Existing onboarding screens

To ensure compliance and understand users' needs better, around 25 questions should be asked, but users might drop off due to the lengthy questionnaire.

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Onboarding Flow



Account creation


AI result

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How can we enhance users' emotions to keep their focus engaged throughout this lengthy, boring, frustrating procedure?

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03. Design solution



Maybe a chatroom interface can help to enhance the onboarding experience!

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User Engagement

Chat interfaces tend to be more engaging, providing a conversational and interactive experience that can keep users more involved

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Users may find it easier to answer questions one at a time rather than dealing with a complex form all at once.

Reduced Cognitive Load

By breaking down the process into smaller, conversational chunks, a chat interface can reduce the cognitive load on users, making the task feel simpler.

Let’s find out

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03. Design solution

User Test

Internal User Testing

To confirm my hypothesis, I have invited 10 colleagues to ​participate in a test. They will need to complete the ​onboarding process and rate their satisfaction afterward.

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Time on Task


Overall experience




Time on Task

Overall experience



Time Check Icon


Vector Happy Icon

More satisfied

03. Design solutions

Launch & User Flow





Manulife directs ​selected pilot clients to ​Syfe’s digital retirement ​advisory tool from its ​website, EDMs and ​other means.

Collects name, email and mobile number ​for account creation.

Conducts suitability assessments ​according to MPF guidelines to assess ​user’s risk profile.

Matches user’s risk profile ​with risk level of funds in the ​recommended portfolio ​according to MPF guidelines; ​and obtains client agreement ​on the results with clear ​explanation.

04. Learnings

Group psychotherapy in alcoholics anonymous club discussing consequences of giving up beer and vodka. People sit on chairs arranged in semicircle during group psychotherapy session

Conduct an effective research

By conducting extensive user research, we ​identified key pain points and preferences for ​our focused group which we might overlook ​before. This allowing us to design a more ​intuitive and effective pension tool that truly ​resonates with our target audience.

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Effective Collaboration

Managing expectations between two ​corporates, and compliance highlighted the ​importance of clear communication and ​collaboration. Aligning goals and maintaining ​transparency were essential to successfully ​deliver a unified and cohesive design.

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